Thoughts and Intentions

My soul thought something
before my brain had time
to shush it.

This curse will not befall
you, you are not like them.
Do not fool yourself, little

Tread not down this path of
misery and pain and untold
weariness, because the world
is unfair, and I, your brain,
know this.

But my soul thought something,
and before my brain shushed it
my heart heard it, and brewed it.

Inside its warmth it fostered
the thought like a goose’s egg,
plotting terribly with this
loaded gun.

Of something that shouldn’t have
been thought, how much better
would life have been if soul hadn’t
thought it, my brain still wonders.

While it looks at my soul and heart
at play, don’t they know how much
worry and suffering they cause it?

It’s the one that has to pick up the
pieces left by fickle thoughts and
emotions of the hour, there was no
reason to think this but suffering.


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