Other, Myself.

A creeping thought pervades her mind.

It scurries unassailable, in the dark and in the deep and wherever else it can find give. It makes itself know in every opportunity, whenever she finds herself idle, it’s there, reminding her of itself, so that she may never forget.

Is it evil? For its unending assail of her senses, for the way it whispers in her ear, for the way in which it sits dark and unforgiving by the side of her bed when she comes home at night, and stares, and stares, unforgiving of any and all compromises.

It will have its way, it will accept nothing less, and it knows itself inevitable, in time it will prevail over all that is other.

It started small, a tittering pitter-patter of tiny feet upon dreams, which were hardly noticed, and hardly given any thought. In this willful ignorance they grew by hanging upon every crevice they could, wherever there was foothold, it stood cowardly in the shadows, till it grew big enough to stand without fear.

Now it lingers here, she sleeps, and yet it hangs by the side of the bed, standing and watching her. Its beady white eyes in the amorphous blackness of its being stare intently upon her face, without blinking or flinching.

She knows this, she knows it stares, and she sleeps uneasy, but sleeping still for she knows she can do nothing, to lash at it would simply make it disappear from one side and appear at the other. To try to hide is futile for it will stand by the side of any bed upon which she lays, she can do nothing but accept, and feel it creep ever closer.

Once upon a time, she asked why.

Why is it?

It could not answer, only stare.

For it is it, not her nor Him, it. Amorphous It, ephemeral It, unreal It.

She walks through the woods, a little red riding hood to deliver candies from her basket to her sickly grandma, making her way into grandma’s house, she stares at it laying on the bed, she tries to ignore.

“Grandma, what big eyes you have”

It says nothing

“What big ears”

It says nothing

“And what big hands”

It says nothing

“And your feet too!”

It says nothing


She can go no longer, she can pretend no longer, and leaves.


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