A Human Dimension

In the city in which I live,
There are five dimensions, the
three dimensional space of our
reality, time in constant flux,

And something hard to describe,
That allows us to ignore things
right in front of us as if they
didn’t exist at all.

I walk the main avenue of my city
a lot, with its towering skyscrapers,
Amazing museums, parks and the hustle
of a capital with millions of people.

Yet, everyday I also see beggars there,
Crouching near the walls, and homeless
sleeping under the bus stop shelters,
I pass by all of them without looking.

This all is right in front of me, and all
others who walk these streets, plain to
see, and yet, the 5th dimension of our
city allows us to not notice a single
thing, unless we wish to see.

Dimensions are thought to be governed
by the laws of physics, but in my time
I’m sure I’ve discovered one that cares
for naught but the amoral nature of the
human spirit.



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