Mannequins for you to mold,

into your preconceived

notions of what it means

to be something human.


With your own hands, sculpt

words into my chest and

say it’s nothing personal


Be honest,

Crush my little skull,

break the lying spine

of this fool


Who so petulantly wiped

clean your stained mark.

Tell me truthfully, I am

undeserving of life


Only absolution,

through hellfire. To

sing my own death

with soiled lyre


In your lingering glances,

your wrathful eyes reveal

how you truthfully feel.

Your disgusted pity


Disdain for the one thought

lesser you like a saint

try to save from hell


So, dear hero,

tear these entrails,

stitch my unsightly

visage into beauty


Because you cannot stand

the feelings in my heart.

Reject, cast me aside.


Like the serpent

that tempted your

fragile mind.


But beyond your confines,

in darkness I still hide.

And I will not sleep,

and I will not sleep.


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